Fire Divorce Lawyer during Divorce Mediation

DIVORCE -DO NOT LITIGATE -- BE SMART -- CHOOSE MEDIATION Don't make the mistake of suing your spouse to end your marriage! If you think about it, the very concept is absurd. If you were ending, for example, a 12 year business partnership, 99 times out of 100, all you would have to do is sit down with your partner -- divide up the assets -- divide up the liabilities -- shake hands and part ways. Ending a marriage can be done the same way. It is a bit more complicated because there can be issues of child and spousal support, but the important point is that it doesn't have to be a battle! The expert mediators at Liaise can help you and your spouse navigate through the complexities and arrive at an agreement that is the negotiated blueprint for ending your marriage. That agreement is presented to the Court and becomes the Judgment ending your marriage. You never have to appear in Court. You save 10s of thousands of dollars. You don't ruin your family by engaging in a huge fight and you are better able to get on with your life. Divorce -Do Not Litigate -- Be Smart -- Choose Mediation So like Yogi Berra says, don't make the wrong mistake and don't forget that the mental part is half the battle. Do yourself, your family, and your financial wellbeing a favor and choose Liaise Divorce Solutions, LLC to help you navigate the treacherous waters of managing the expensive and painful situations of dissolution. Call Liaise Solutions at 415-399-8824 or visit