• David, thank you so much for helping me through this tough time.
    David, thank you so much for helping me through this tough time. I am really grateful for everything you did to make sure the process was smooth and fair. I would anytime recommend David for all the efforts he put in to make things less stressful, in such difficult times, for both the parties!!!

    - Charu B.

  • Professional, Responsive and Efficient.
    Divorce is not easy, but with David's guidance, my ex-husband and I were able to navigate the paperwork and negotiations in an environment that was supportive to both of us. Not only was the Liaise team patient, clear and efficient, but they continued to help me through the QDRO transfer. And 3 years later, helped by supplying me with a copy of some paperwork needed for a refinance. Professional, responsive and efficient. Thank you Liaise Divorce Solutions.

    - Michelle K.

  • David and Ian are absolutely wonderful!
    David and Ian are absolutely wonderful! Very timely and courteous and willing to accommodate me and my partner on a mutual divorce. I was made to feel that even if I was in a contentious and borderline ugly divorce (which most end up being sadly) that the services I would receive from David would be helpful, direct, and honest. And he has a great sense of humor (which I believe NO ONE is supposed to have as a characterization of a divorce attorney) which I mean to say helped everything be less daunting, scary or time consuming and created a general ease for my partner and myself. Any time I had any questions of any sort I was greeted with a quick response. So - if you need a responsible, courteous and knowledgeable divorce attorney, look no further than Liaise Divorce Solutions!

    - William T.

  • I cannot say enough good things about Liaise and David Stein.
    I cannot say enough good things about Liaise and David Stein. My former wife and I knew how we wanted to proceed with our separation and divorce but needed assistance to get where we wanted to be. David from day one prepared us using his knowledge and skills to keep us on track. His listening skills and knowing what we wanted in the end was instrumental to very favorable results. After some period of time my former wife was diagnosed with cancer. It proved to be fatal. Having no family lawyer I called David for guidance. He did what I expected and gave me a referral to another attorney specializing in estates. I have subsequently hire that estate attorney and very happy with that choice. I really appreciate the kindness and understanding David provided to me during these two life changing events.

    - Client

  • David Stein is fantastic.
    David Stein is fantastic. Divorce is never easy but David guided us through the difficult process with skill and compassion. I highly recommend him.

    - Noah

  • I would definitely recommend him.
    You will never find another divorce attorney/mediator as amiable and efficient as David Stein. He was proficient in divorce laws and sympathetic to our situation. Our divorce was quick and painless. I would definitely recommend him.

    - Maria D.

  • David was great!
    David was great. He was quick to reply to my questions, and tried his best to make sure I understood the law as it relates to my situation. I was not able to end up using his services because the other party did not want to mediate at the time. I am hoping she changes her mind, but David made a great recommendation for a family law lawyer based on what we talked about.

    - Thor S.

  • As stress free and as easy as a divorce process could possibly be
    Working with Liaise through my divorce was as stress free and as easy as a divorce process could possibly be. David was great and I appreciate all he did for me and my ex husband to get through a hard time with as little stress as possible. Highly recommended! I only had to visit the office twice, which was also nice.

    - Client

  • I appreciate how quick and painless (relatively) the process was with Liaise.
    Like the others who have gone through divorce, I appreciate how quick and painless (relatively) the process was with Liaise. We only had to at meet in person twice, and less than 3 months to the day since the ex announced he needed to leave me to wallow more fully in his midlife crisis (tee!) we have received notice that our judgment was complete. I've heard horror stories from colleagues about how long and drawn out things can get, so thank you, David, for making this go as quick and smooth as possible. Also, thank you to all the fellow Yelp reviewers for their reviews on Liaise. Sharing experiences about divorce is harder than waxing rhapsodic about the best place to get a burrito or a haircut, so I appreciate your pointing the way.

    - Client

  • Thank you, David, for making a difficult experience as easy as you've done.
    I had the privilege of working with David Stein in my divorce and I was very satisfied. Divorce is never fun, obviously, but David really went out of his way to make it easy and simple. My divorce was as painless as it could get, ie, we got together for three meetings and everything could be done electronically. David was kind, patient, even at times that was quite trying. Thank you, David, for making a difficult experience as easy as you've done.

    - V. L.

  • To provide the complete picture of the review by Eric Z. I am the other half of that divorce. If you can get your other half to agree to mediation, then you want to work with Liaise Mediated Solutions. You have hear horror stories about lawyers that don’t return calls, divorces that drag on for years, etc. You won’t have to worry about that with Liaise. Your calls and emails are always answered promptly. He keeps things civilized, progress happening. I couldn’t ask for anything else.

    - Alix Z.

  • David is an exceptional mediator. Has a great bedside manner, is fair and has spiritual undertones to his practice. His rates are reasonable compared to his competition as well. Highly recommended.

    - John P.

  • It took me a few weeks to find someone to mediate our divorce. The cost was always high, and always seemed complicated. I felt comfortable with David Stein immediately, and the cost was much less than any other mediator that I talked to. He made a very sad and awkward situation much easier. My ex-husband thanked me for finding Liaise Mediated Solutions. Thanks, David!

    - Laura S Oakland

  • If you are getting a divorce, do yourself a favor and go talk to Liaise (David Stein). Not only did he save us a ton of money and grief, but he actually made the experience, dare I say it, pleasant. He is reasonable, he knows his stuff, he get things done, he is honest, he is helpful, he encourages finding the common ground, and he is timely. His rates are very reasonable. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Whether it is a divorce situation or some other matter that calls for mediation, put David on the short list to interview. I hired a consulting attorney to go over the proposed marital settlement agreement, but there really was not much for them to do. David had already helped us hammer out an agreement that met our needs and was legally sound. His office also serves a mean cup of complimentary coffee and has a wonderful view. What more do you want?

    - Eric Z.