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An Alternative to Divorce Litigation in California

Couple during mediationEnding a marriage can be a stressful and expensive process. Many people who take their divorces to court spend several months – if not years – navigating the crowded court system. If you and your spouse can agree on mediation, you both save time, money, and spare yourself the emotional pain that of divorce litigation.

Enlisting the guidance of an experienced and competent divorce mediator in San Francisco can help make the process more collaborative and less emotionally taxing. At Liaise Divorce Solutions, we have helped nearly 100% of our clients reach a settlement.

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What Is the Difference between Divorce Mediation & Litigation?

For many people, ending their marriage can take years and cost thousands of dollars. In fact, the dissolution of a marriage is a very common and financially destructive event. A focused San Francisco online mediation professional can help you effectively end your marriage while saving you and your ex-spouse the time, money, pain, and stress of fighting in the courtroom.

Our online mediation services are distinct from “normal” divorce proceedings because:

  • You work with your ex-spouse to reach a settlement
  • You don’t have to appear in court
  • You are involved in the decision-making process as opposed to deferring to a judge
  • You can arrange meetings around your schedule, not the court's calendar
  • You can proceed with or without legal representation
  • It is quicker and more cost-effective
  • Our team can manage conflict to help avoid unnecessary stress
  • If a settlement cannot be reached, you are free to pursue the dissolution of the marriage through the court system

Working with an experienced divorce mediator in San Francisco helps prevent the emotional pain that litigation takes on you and your family. California courts are crowded and can take a long time to rule on the issues that arise in the dissolution of a marriage.

Mediation for Uncontested Divorce in California

An uncontested divorce occurs when both parties in a marriage agree to terminate the marriage and work together to resolve the legal issues associated with a divorce.

Working with an experienced San Francisco online divorce mediator can help make the process even easier for you and your ex-spouse and help you minimize legal problems along the way.

Normally, an uncontested divorce follows one of two scenarios. The first is when both parties know how they want to divide the marital property. This allows for a very quick divorce that requires minimal financial resources. Another common scenario is when both parties agree it is best to end the marriage but have to navigate the division of assets and/or questions of support with professional help.

In addition to dividing property and assets, you and your ex-spouse manage arrangements for spousal support, child custody, and child support. Liaise Divorce Solutions can help you find an agreeable resolution to these issues in your divorce through our mediation services.

Contested Divorce Mediation in California

For couples who are in such disagreement that they have to pursue a contested divorce, it is imperative to work with a skilled divorce mediator. The divorce process is often strenuous and it can be difficult to resolve the issues that arise. Liaise Divorce Solutions offers results-driven mediation services to clients in contested divorces. We have experience mediating complex divorces involving substantial assets, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and contentious relationships. We also have experience mediating same-sex divorces.

The “normal” divorce process is a long and emotionally draining experience for everyone involved. By choosing a mediated solution to your contested divorce, you remove much of the emotional toll that others face by taking their cases to the court.

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Attorney/Mediator David Stein has been helping people navigate the legal system for more than 35 years. Over the course of his esteemed career, David Stein has helped nearly all of his clients reach a settlement. Working with Mr. Stein and the rest of the team at Liaise Divorce Solutions can help you obtain a favorable resolution to your uncontested or contested divorce.

At Liaise Divorce Solutions, each and every case is handled with strict confidentiality. We charge reasonable fees for our professional services. Call our firm today to see how a divorce mediator in San Francisco can help you.

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Words from our former clients

  • “David, thank you so much for helping me through this tough time. I am really grateful for everything you did to make sure the process was smooth and fair. I would anytime recommend David for all the ...”

    - Charu B.
  • “Divorce is not easy, but with David's guidance, my ex-husband and I were able to navigate the paperwork and negotiations in an environment that was supportive to both of us. Not only was the Liaise ...”

    - Michelle K.
  • “David and Ian are absolutely wonderful! Very timely and courteous and willing to accommodate me and my partner on a mutual divorce. I was made to feel that even if I was in a contentious and ...”

    - William T.
  • “I cannot say enough good things about Liaise and David Stein. My former wife and I knew how we wanted to proceed with our separation and divorce but needed assistance to get where we wanted to be. ...”

    - Client
  • “David Stein is fantastic. Divorce is never easy but David guided us through the difficult process with skill and compassion. I highly recommend him.”

    - Noah

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