Why Divorce Mediation?

Insight from an Experienced San Francisco Divorce Mediator

Don’t make the mistake of starting a war with your spouse to end your marriage! If you think about it, the very concept is absurd. If you were ending, for example, a 12-year business partnership, 99 times out of 100, all you would have to do is sit down with your partner – divide up the assets – divide up the liabilities – shake hands and part ways. Ending a marriage can be done the same way. It is a bit more complicated because there can be issues of child and spousal support, but the important point is that it doesn’t have to be a battle! The mediators at Liaise can help you and your spouse navigate the complexities and arrive at an agreement that is a negotiated blueprint for ending your marriage. The settlement that is reached is given to the court and will become the judgment that terminates the marriage. You never have to appear in Court. You save thousands of dollars. You can save your family from a huge fight and be in a better position to move forward with your life.

Below are some facts about divorce in the United States:

  • The most common and financially devastating legal dispute the average person is likely to face is Marital Dissolution or divorce.
  • There are 100 divorces every hour in the U.S. {“Divorce Stats in the U.S. by Age and Region of the Country” Family LawCourts. 2010-2012.}
  • First marriages that end in divorce usually last approximately 8 years.
  • Fully 50% of all modern marriages fail and the financial and emotional costs are often ruinous to families.
  • Many Spousal and child support/visitation issues linger on for years after a so-called “final judgment” of marital dissolution.
  • The average fully litigated divorce costs $78,000! The average mediated divorce costs less than $7,000 the average Liaise cost of a divorce is even lower!

The Liaise Method takes an average of 9 Hours and less than 1/10th of the Price to Settle.

Looking for a divorce or legal separation in California? Our mediated solution can save you thousands of dollars that would otherwise go to your divorce lawyer. Getting a divorce can take years with the clogged court system, and tens of thousands of dollars when employing lawyers for a separation or divorce. We want to help you and your spouse come to an agreement that allows you to effectively end your marriage in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Words from our former clients

  • “David, thank you so much for helping me through this tough time. I am really grateful for everything you did to make sure the process was smooth and fair. I would anytime recommend David for all the ...”

    - Charu B.
  • “Divorce is not easy, but with David's guidance, my ex-husband and I were able to navigate the paperwork and negotiations in an environment that was supportive to both of us. Not only was the Liaise ...”

    - Michelle K.
  • “David and Ian are absolutely wonderful! Very timely and courteous and willing to accommodate me and my partner on a mutual divorce. I was made to feel that even if I was in a contentious and ...”

    - William T.
  • “I cannot say enough good things about Liaise and David Stein. My former wife and I knew how we wanted to proceed with our separation and divorce but needed assistance to get where we wanted to be. ...”

    - Client
  • “David Stein is fantastic. Divorce is never easy but David guided us through the difficult process with skill and compassion. I highly recommend him.”

    - Noah

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