9 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid When Getting A Divorce in California

on the cost of a divorce lawyer. Getting a divorce can take years with the clogged court system and tens of thousands of dollars even when employing the best divorce lawyers. The most common and financially devastating legal dispute you are likely to go through is a divorce. Our job is to help you come to an agreement that works for both sides and help you avoid the emotional toll that long-drawn out court battles take. We take the matter through the Court. You NEVER have to appear in Court

  • Do not think of divorce as a war!
  • Do not demonize your spouse!
  • Do not fail to make concessions!
  • Do not think you are above the guidelines!
  • Do not think that “words don’t count”!
  • Do not fail to get the help you need!
  • Do not think you will get a “free ride”!
  • Do not let yourself think that things won’t get better!
  • Do not litigate! Be smart, choose mediation.

David Stein, Esq.

Attorney David Stein of LIAISE Divorce Solutions brings 25 years of experiences a practicing lawyer. Learn why you should avoid each of these 9 deadly mistakes during your FREE consultation by contacting us. LIAISE Divorce Solutions is there to get you through your legal problems….Cheaper, Better, Faster. We serve all of California and have offices in San Francisco conveniently located for public transit. We do Online Mediation anywhere in California, including San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. LIAISE Divorce Solutions is an effective, high quality, low-cost alternative to people who claim to be “the best divorce lawyers”. We believe in putting our client first. We prevent you from getting into a devastating financial situation just paying for the cost of a divorce lawyer. Our goal is to manage the conflict to create a mutually agreeable way to work together, allowing the creation of satisfying results.

Benefits of Mediation

        • FACT: It takes an average of 2 YEARS and $78,000 to go through the court system in California.
      • FACT: The Liaise Method takes an average of 9 Hours and less than 1/20 of the price to settle.
      • Contact us NOW to find out how the Liaise Method can give you a fast, efficient, and inexpensive settlement at the fraction of the cost of a divorce lawyer.