True "Family" Lawyers

There are many attorneys in the San Francisco area, and throughout California, referring to themselves as “Family Lawyers” or “Family Attorneys”. These labels conjure up visions of a kindly Aunt or Uncle who only has the best interests of the family at heart.

In point of fact the title Family Attorney is often a misnomer. Many so-called Family Lawyers are advocates for a single member of the family and serve only the interest of the divorcing husband or wife. They have no duty to, or interest in, the well being of the family. Their job is to get the most money or property for their client and nothing else. They have sharp tactics and strategies to either minimize or maximize [depending on which client they serve in the case] the support that may be ordered. Sadly and regrettably, they will coldly use children as pawns to advance the single minded purpose of one party over the other.

These aren’t Family Lawyers; they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

At Liaise we believe that to be a true Family Advocate you must be neutral. You cannot unthinkingly advance the cause of one party at the expense of the other. You must assist both parties in finding common ground that allows for a mutually agreeable balance of interests.

Where children are involved in a marital dissolution, Liaise urges the parties to adopt our proprietary system of Marital Reorganization®, instead of an ordinary divorce. Marital Reorganization® recognizes that even though the Husband and Wife may soon be unmarried people, they are now, and will always be, Mother and Father. There are many Thanksgiving, Christmas and family holidays to come. In the future there will be graduations and weddings to attend. There may be the birth of grandchildren and if that time comes, you will then each be Grandmother and Grandfather. So, much better to realize that you are still, and always well be, a family. You are just a new kind of family, and you need to start getting along as well as possible, as soon as possible.

The Liaise mediators as family lawyers are steeped in this philosophy and will tirelessly work with you to achieve the smoothest transition possible to your reorganized family.

David D. Stein has been an attorney for over 20 years and is the founder of Liaise® Divorce Solutions and is a trained mediator in divorce and disputes.