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David D. Stein

David D. Stein, Esq.

LIAISE Mediated Solutions is the common sense way for people to move past their legal problems and get on with their lives!

LIAISE Mediated Solutions is there to get you through your legal problems the Cheaper Faster Better way!

LIAISE Mediated Solutions is an effective, high quality, low cost alternative to litigation and other expensive dispute resolution services. Our goal is to manage the conflict to create a mutually agreeable way to work together, allowing the creation of optimal results.

LIAISE Mediated Solutions Consumer Promise

  • Solutions balanced to the value of everyday disputes.
  • Experienced Mediators/Arbitrators, Professional, Dependable, Patient and Affordable.

A Courtroom is a TERRIBLE place to end a marriage!

  • The most common and most financially devastating legal dispute the average person is likely to face is a Marital Dissolution or DIVORCE.
  • Fully 50% of all modern marriages fail and the financial and emotional costs are often ruinous to families.
  • Many property, spousal and child support/visitation issues linger on for years after a so called “final judgment” of marital dissolution.
  • The average fully litigated divorce costs $78,000! The average mediated divorce costs less than $7,000!
    [Wall Street Journal June 6, 2008] [At Liaise, the average divorce cost is $3,500!]
  • Choose Liaise Mediated Solutions. From first contact to Final Judgment – We Can Get You Through!


Every employee of Liaise Mediated Solutions, LLC is charged with maintaining the highest standards of Privacy/Confidentiality in the industry! You have absolute assurance that EVERYTHING you reveal to any Liaise Divorce Solutions Mediator, or office personnel is held in the strictest confidence. The only information ever revealed are specific messages that one party requested to be delivered to the other side. All meeting notes and confidential materials are shredded at the conclusion of your matter. Also, anything that you say to the other side during mediation is protected communication under both California and Federal Law. [The Case Studies contained on this website all have names and key facts altered to maintain privacy and confidentiality.]

How Liaise Works: We Treat Your Divorce Like a Cold Shower! Once you decide to do it, Quick In – Take Care of Business – Quick Out!

  • When the parties agree to learn more about mediation a free initial consultation is arranged with an experienced mediator.
  • The mediator explains the process and completely answers all questions anyone may have.
  • If the parties agree to mediate, they sign a Agreement to Mediated and work with Liaise personnel to help gather all the information they and the mediator will need to create a comprehensive resolution to their dispute.
  • Mediation sessions are scheduled and together we steadily, calmly work through all the issues and concerns that each participant may have until their problems are effectively managed.
  • Once the parties are in agreement, Liaise exclusively manages the Court interface and the parties never have to appear in Court!

Words from our former clients

  • “David, thank you so much for helping me through this tough time. I am really grateful for everything you did to make sure the process was smooth and fair. I would anytime recommend David for all the ...”

    - Charu B.
  • “Divorce is not easy, but with David's guidance, my ex-husband and I were able to navigate the paperwork and negotiations in an environment that was supportive to both of us. Not only was the Liaise ...”

    - Michelle K.
  • “David and Ian are absolutely wonderful! Very timely and courteous and willing to accommodate me and my partner on a mutual divorce. I was made to feel that even if I was in a contentious and ...”

    - William T.
  • “I cannot say enough good things about Liaise and David Stein. My former wife and I knew how we wanted to proceed with our separation and divorce but needed assistance to get where we wanted to be. ...”

    - Client
  • “David Stein is fantastic. Divorce is never easy but David guided us through the difficult process with skill and compassion. I highly recommend him.”

    - Noah

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