Mediation FAQs

Alternative dispute resolution mediation allows participants to safely engage in conflict- management with Liaise's affordable, non-judgmental services.

What is Mediation?

  • Mediation is used by adversarial parties (opposing sides) where a neutral communication expert [Mediator] helps them to arrive at a negotiated resolution to their dispute.
  • Mediation allows parties to fully voice their position to the other side and hear the other side express their view in a safe, non-judgmental environment where no hurtful language is allowed.
  • Communication is the key to understanding and the results are often nothing short of miraculous!
  • Mediation works! Instead of the highly expensive and wasteful process of submitting a dispute to an overworked judge, the parties are involved in the entire process and emerge as the creators of their own settlement.
  • Better than a day-in-court, mediation participants learn the tools of planning, active communication and how to balance interests.
  • People get a resolution that is, under the circumstances, the best plan possible for everyone.
  • Mediation short circuits the ordinary litigation process by focusing on achieving the best result at the earliest moment allowing the parties to typically save thousands of dollars!

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How Does Mediation Work?

  • During a Mediation both sides fully and freely get to express their position, without interruption or judgment – in a safe neutral setting. No hurtful language,behavior or name calling is permitted!
  • Liaise Mediators practice “active listening” and will understand both sides of a dispute.
  • Liaise Mediators will skillfully draw out each party and discover how common ground can be found.
  • You will be AMAZED at the progress you can make with a professional Mediator!
  • In a Divorce situation, once the agreed upon solution has been created, the parties will be given all of the form pleadings they require and a legally binding Marital Settlement Agreement that can be presented to the court and become the basis for a final Judgment.
  • In other matters. binding contract agreements will be signed finalizing the dispute.
  • If a court appearance is required, a Liaise attorney can appear on a “limited scope representation” basis to address the Judge and help secure a Judgment.

What Are the Benefits to Mediation?

Liaise Divorce Solutions® v. Litigation
Experienced Lawyers and Judges Know What Consumers Are Just Learning.

Litigation is expensive, time consuming and frequently unsatisfying.

  • Court dockets are crowded and judgments are often difficult to collect.
  • Lawsuits are expensive to both sides.
  • Many Courts will Order litigants to mediation after the parties have spent thousands of dollars preparing for trial.
  • Better than a day-in-court, mediation participants learn the tools of planning, active communication and how to balance interests.
  • Mediation focuses on achieving the best results in the shortest time.
  • Mediation achieves the best plan possible under the circumstance for everyone!
  • The savings in time, money and heartache are enormous!
  • The success rate of Liaise mediators is in excess of 87 percent.
  • It is the Cheaper Faster Better alternative to litigation!

What is Facilitation?

  • When one party wants to mediate and they don’t know if the other side is willing, they can use facilitation to bring the other party to the table.
  • Facilitation is the process where the neutral takes an active positive role in bringing each side to the settlement table.
  • Unlike judges or arbitrators, mediators can, and often due, have confidential communications with each side. This allows the mediator to be the one to approach “the other side” and invite them to the mediation process.
  • By using a neutral facilitator – neither side shows “weakness” or loses “face” because it is the neutral who “reaches out” to the other side.
  • The mediator acts as a shield between the rival parties allowing each to deal from a position of strength.
  • So if you are involved in a dispute and mediation sounds sensible to you, you can have Liaise contact the other party and facilitate obtaining an agreement to be smart and mediate.
  • Even if you are already involved in litigation, facilitation is particularly effective to “break log jams” and get you, the other side, and all your lawyers to a settlement table where thousands of dollars can be saved!

What Does it Cost?

  • Free Initial Consultation.
  • Package Rates Available for Divorce.
  • Sliding Scale for Qualified Applicants.
  • Competitive rate for mediation hearing time.
  • Cheaper – Faster – Better!
  • Sensible Results Every Time!

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is like a trial; only instead of going to court the decisions are made in an informal setting by a neutral party, known as an Arbitrator.

Sometimes [very rarely!] parties are unable to agree after mediation and just want someone to make a decision for them. If that happens at Liaise Divorce Solutions®, the parties can agree in writing to having their mediator, a different mediator, or a panel of 3 mediators, act as an arbitrator and decide any issue that remains from their mediation. This does not happen often, but once in a great while not all issues can be resolved and the parties just want to have the matter over and done with and ask to have the decision made for them. Liaise Divorce Solutions® is your one stop to having your legal problems solved!

Mediation Contract Clause

Cut and paste this provision into your contracts to guarantee a cheaper, faster, better solution to your disputes!

If any controversy or claim arises relating to this Agreement, the parties will attempt in good faith to negotiate a solution to their differences. If negotiation does not result in a resolution within thirty (30) days of the date when one party first notifies the other of the controversy or claim, either party may resort to mediation under the auspices of Liaise Divorce Solutions®, LLC. Mediation shall commence no later than thirty (30) days following a party’s notice to the other party requesting mediation. Each party shall bear its own costs in the mediation. The fees and expenses of the mediation shall be shared equally by the parties. Following mediation, the parties shall be entitled to seek any available legal or equitable remedy.

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