Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Attorney in San FranciscoAn “uncontested divorce” is where the parties are in agreement that it is better for them live apart as single people than to continue their marriage.

Uncontested divorce has many advantages over the traditional contested divorce. In a contested divorce each party is paying an attorney more than $300 an hour to fight over matters that the parties are really in the best position to decide. At these rates family funds are quickly depleted. The average contested divorce ends up costing in the neighborhood of $75,000. Very few families can afford such a terrible waste of resources.

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The “uncontested divorce” really consists of two scenarios.

The first situation is where the parties’ know exactly how they wish to divide their property and are in mutual agreement that they wish to end their marriage. Liaise Divorce Solutions can quickly and inexpensively help to put together all the paperwork a couple needs to end their marriage.

The second situation is where the parties agree that it is time to end their marriage, but are faced with complicated issues and decisions regarding how to go about the process and need professional assistance.

Oftentimes, the marital estate has complicated assets that must be divided. Real estate, pension plans, 401(k) plans, businesses, stocks, stock options, art and antiques all raise particular issues that must be clearly addressed in a well drafted Marital Settlement Agreement.

Even more importantly, many married couples when contemplating dissolution must decide how they will provide for child custody, parenting plans, child support and spousal support.

Although these issues are quite complex, it does not mean that the parties who are deciding how to resolve these issues must engage in a contested divorce. Indeed, a contest divorce will only make these problems more complicated and difficult to deal with.

Liaise Divorce Solutions provides experienced uncontested divorce lawyers in our San Francisco office, and through on-line video conferencing, offering alternative dispute resolution services to assist you in resolving all issues regarding child custody, real estate and more.

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