Liaise Divorce Mediation is Fast, Less Stressful and Affordable.

Looking for a Divorce or Legal Separation in California? Our Divorce Mediation solutions can save you thousands of dollars that would otherwise go to your divorce lawyer. Getting a Divorce or Legal Separation can take years with the clogged court system, and tens of thousands of dollars when employing lawyers for a separation or divorce.

The most common and financially devastating legal dispute Californians are likely to go through is a divorce or legal separation. Our job is to help you come to an agreement that works for both sides and guide you to avoid the emotional toll that long-drawn out court battles take. We take the matter through the Court. You NEVER have to appear in Court.

How Liaise Divorce Mediation works:
When the parties agree to learn more about Divorce Mediation a free initial consultation is arranged with an experienced mediator.
The mediator explains the process and completely answers all questions anyone may have.
If the parties agree to mediate, they engage Liaise Divorce Solutions and are given workbooks carefully designed to help them gather all the information they and the mediator will need to create a thoughtful resolution to their dispute.

Divorce Mediation sessions are scheduled to meet together or online and steadily, calmly work through all the issues and concerns that each participant may have until their problems are effectively managed.

Every employee of Liaise Divorce Solutions, LLC is charged with maintaining the highest standards of Privacy/Confidentiality in the industry! You have absolute assurance that EVERYTHING you reveal to any Liaise Divorce Solutions Mediator, Arbitrator or office personnel is held in the strictest confidence. The only information ever revealed are specific messages that you request to be delivered to the other side. All meeting notes and confidential materials are shredded at the conclusion of your matter. Also, anything that you say to the other side during mediation is protected communication under both California and Federal Law.

Do yourself, your family, and your financial well being a favor and choose Liaise Divorce Solutions, LLC to help you navigate the treacherous waters of managing the expensive and painful situations of marriage dissolution. Call Liaise Solutions at 415-399-8824 or click here for a Free Consultation Today!