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Divorce Mediation is an effective, high quality, low cost alternative to litigation and other expensive divorce resolution services. The goals of Divorce Mediation are to manage the conflicts that arise in Divorce. To create a divorce process less emotional, more financially acceptable, and mutually beneficial to the family and both spouses. The issues of property division, child custody, alimony and support are negotiated in a non confrontational / non adversarial way allowing both spouses an opportunity to participate. Meetings are scheduled to accommodate work schedules, family time and provide a less stressful environment. Click Here to Learn More!
Looking at getting a divorce? Our Divorce Mediation solutions can save you thousands of dollars that would otherwise go to your divorce lawyer. Getting a divorce in California can take years if you go through the clogged court system. The most common and financially devastating legal dispute you are likely to go through is when a couple decides they are getting divorced. Our job is to help both of you come to an agreement that works for both sides and helps avoid the emotional toll of long-drawn out court battles. We take the matter through the Court. You NEVER have to appear in Court. Have more questions? Get your answers here!


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  • “It took me a few weeks to find someone to mediate our divorce. The cost was always high, and always seemed complicated. I felt comfortable with David Stein immediately, and the cost was much less than any other mediator that I talked to. He made a very sad and awkward situation much easier. My ex-husband thanked me for finding Liaise Mediated Solutions. Thanks, David!” – Laura S., Oakland, CA

    Laura S., Oakland, CA

  • Divorce is an incredibly stressful and difficult time to go through and there are a lot of emotions involved. When you are feeling devastated, hurt, and vulnerable, the last thing you want to deal with is a greedy or manipulative attorney. You want someone who is fair and trustworthy, and someone who is going to help you come to a resolution as quickly and amicably as possible. David Stein was a complete gentleman who took care of the entire process for us while maintaining a fair and balanced perspective. His...

    k c. San Francisco, CA